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radical self care through yoga + mindfulness

Burnout, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma? It’s time for a crash course in self care.

Yoga based tools (including: breathing exercises, gentle movement, mindfulness meditation and relaxation) introduced + practiced as ways to implement self care and self compassion throughout the work day + beyond. Participants will learn how such tools benefit the CNS and other stress response systems in the body. Techniques specifically designed for grounding, releasing, connecting and inspiring will be practiced. Leave this course armed with an actionable self care plan to support + sustain new habits with a clear understanding of how practices can be translated to work with clients struggling with anxiety, depression and trauma.

Approved for 3 CE credits by the Ohio CSWMFT Board

attitudes of gratitude/ updating your clinical toolkit

Can feeling a sense of gratitude influence your health? Science says, YES!

This course examines the neuroscience of gratitude and how regular practice effects physiological change. Learn simple, yet powerful tools that you can incorporate into your clinical work, including: breathing exercises, guided meditations, physical / movement-based practices, cognitive based practices, and group /family exercises. The intention of this course is to support participants in using gratitude practices as therapeutic tools to empower clients' resilience + healing.

Approved for 3 CE credits by the Ohio CSWMFT Board

breathing, mindfulness + meditation/ tools for clinical practice

In this course we will explore brief history + review current research that support the use of yoga based practices in managing symptoms of anxiety, depression, anger and PTSD. You will be guided through specific breathing, mindfulness + meditation exercises and taught how to integrate them into a therapeutic setting. You will experience first -hand how empowering these practices are, and leave with a tool-kit full of new offerings to support your client's journey toward healing.

Approved for 3 CE credits by the Ohio CSWMFT Board

Building social emotional learning skills through yoga + mindfulness

This workshop includes and overview of SEL and how it relates to yoga + mindfulness practices, the social/emotional/physiological benefits of yoga + mindfulness, how to incorporate tools into the classroom effectively and creation of "lesson plans"  to enhance SEL throughout the school day.


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“It was well planned with great information- one of the best I have been to. Megan was an excellent presenter”, Director of Special Education

“I loved that there was a variety of activities that I can apply today. Well organized + hands on. Megan was wonderful”, School Counselor