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Trauma Informed

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I am a social worker turned yogi and my mission is to share yoga and mindfulness as tools to inspire connection, empowerment and resilience.

I believe that we all have strength to be discovered,

and that love will always guide us back home.


you hold the power to change the way your story unfolds


What is TRAUMA Informed Yoga?

‘Trauma Informed’ essentially refers to the lens through which a teacher views her students. There is a compassionate awareness of how traumatic events (a singular or chronic set of events that created a sense of terror, helplessness and loss of control) and toxic stress impact neurology, physiology + our stress response system. Class offerings (including movement, breath work, mindful meditation + deep relaxation) are rooted in this awareness. Practices are shared in a non-judgmental + student-led space. Elements of class include opportunities for students to notice sensation, deepen self awareness + make choices based on that noticing. There is an emphasis on using yoga and mindfulness for grounding, centering, releasing tension + shifting physical and emotional states. Attention to body + breath help students explore their ‘windows of tolerance’, or moments where we re-connect to our bodies on our own terms, in a way that feels safe.

Trauma informed does NOT mean ‘fixing, broken, victim, less than, or damaged’. A trauma informed yoga class is one that holds student and teacher as equals; the instructor simply holds space and offers guidance for students to explore + rediscover their innate strength, beauty + capacity for growth.

Trauma is a hardwired, persistent aversive state.
Yogis - practicing intensively over the course of thousands of years- learned to reach in and turn off the switches that control fear, terror, aversion.
To turn down the volume on hatred and resentment.
And to systematically begin to reestablish feelings of well -being
— Stephen Cope, foreword to Overcoming Trauma through Yoga, by David Emerson + Elizabeth Hopper